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Here’s a little taste. This one’s called “Here We See”:

Mackenzie Chase from the Arizona Daily Sun
wrote a kick-ass article about us.
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The Sap

Growing among the coniferous trees at the base of Dook’o’oosłííd (the San Francisco Peaks), the Sap Dabblers emerged in the winter of 2015. Since materializing, the Sap Dabblers have focused on cultivating and synthesizing aspects of psychedelic rock, folk, bluegrass, electronica, and improv together to create a fresh and eclectic sound. The Dabblers’ driving drums, energizing lead guitar solos, and timeless lyrics push their flavor of high-altitude psychedelic rock to new boundaries. They are constantly collaborating with local and touring musicians, artists, and visual artists, creating unique live experiences at each show.

Sap Dabblers Lineup:

  • Brian Marbury (Keyboards/Organ/Synthesizer)
  • Kyle Milbrandt (Electric Guitar/Banjo/Vocals)
  • Mark Gallo (Acoustic Guitar/Vocals)
  • Taylor Paterson (Drums)
  • Alec Tippett (Bass)